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Certified Repair Service

Professional DSLR Camera repair


For over 10yrs, ElectroBIT camera repair technicians have been repairing high quality optics for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. Today’s DSLR and professional grade cameras are sophisticated pieces of equipment containing precision parts that require the proper training and equipment to bring them back to factory specifications. Many people say they repair high end cameras but how many are really qualified to deliver a product you can count on? .... We also keep a huge supply of parts on hand. Most DSLR camera repair shops wait until they get your unit before ordering parts which means you go without your device for a longer period of time. We are so confident in our work that we offer you our ‘Fixed Right the First Time or it’s Free’ guarantee. When you get your unit back the problem is fixed or you don’t pay for it! Does your local repair shop offer that? Whether your problem is a lens that won’t open, a cracked LCD screen, loss of power, or the camera just needs a sensor cleaning, ElectroBIT can help you for shore!

Flash repair

We specialise in repairing professional DSLR equipment; camera bodies, lenses, flashguns, and film scanners. We also repair X System cameras, Quantum batteries, Profoto lighting and Aquatech casings as part of our repertoire.

Lens repair

We offer a complete repair solution from CCD cleans to full in-depth repairs on all photographic and optical equipment. If you have enquiries with regards to your repair you are able to talk to one of our trained technicians.

Camcorder repair

Our camera repair specialists are able to replace component parts as required and can fix all common problems from lens and focus repair to power and screen failure and much more.

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