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Certified Repair Service

MacBook/iMAC Repair

WE REPAIR MacBook,iMac,PC including vintage models !!!

Apple are great, we love Apple, but have you tried getting an appointment at the genius bar recently? Chances are we can fix it faster, and cheaper than Apple can! That’s because we fix things down to component level. That’s right, we actually get a soldering iron out and replace faulty component rather than replacing the whole board. Here are some more reasons why you should choose ElectroBIT to fix your Mac: Unlike the Apple Store, we fix logic boards and graphics cards to component level, this results in significant cost saving to you. All work is guaranteed for 3 months!. Logic board repairs, glass and screen replacements, GPU repairs, liquid damage, hard drive recovery and replacement, hard drive upgrades, PSU replacement, the list goes on. If your Mac is broken, chances are we can bring it back to life

Broken Screen

We offer replacement services for the entire line of Apple MacBooks including the 13 inch MacBook A1181, 13 inch silver MacBook A1278, and the 13 inch white Unibody MacBook A1342. No matter what is wrong with your MacBook screen, we can fix it! If you are unsure of the issue on your MacBook, please take a couple pictures showing the damage and email them to us. We will review them and get back to you with exactly what you need to get the computer repaired.

Water Damage

Liquid damage is one of the most common issues we come across, beer, wine, coffee, you name it, we’ve had customers spill it on their Macs. However, all is not lost, 95 out of every 100 Macs that are water damaged are repairable, and without replacing the logic board. Don’t be a glass half full person, if your Mac has been subjected to even a small amount of water, it might work for a while after it has dried out, chances are it will start giving you problems a few months down the road.

hardware issues

We are a full service repair shop, specializing in component level repair. This means we offer services that most shops will not offer because of the difficulty level. A lot of Apple repair shops will repair computers by replacing entire assemblies. We fix your motherboard,component with the lowest price possible!!

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