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Certified Repair Service

Professional Tablet Repair


Money can be saved when we repair your broken Tablet instead of you paying for a new one, signing a long contract or waiting long periods of time for the manufacturer to replace or repair it. Our technicians will diagnose your Tablet, replace or repair any failed part, and get your device back in your hands quick. Most repairs are carried out in less than two days. We have a vast array of parts always in stock, and qualified technicians to carry out our repairs. For everything we fix or replace we offer 3 months warranty !!!

Broken Screen

We only use the highest quality at an affordably price for all Tablets. When a screen breaks, sometimes the problem is the digitizer, sometimes it’s just the top layer, and other times it is the LCD (if you notice squiggly lines or an all-white or all-black screen, it could be the LCD). We have certified technicians who are experts in providing top quality, successful repairs . If your device is suffering from screen damage, trust the experts at ElectroBIT. If your Tablet is unprotected, chipping and scratching the screen can easily happen. When the screen on your device is shattered, there’s no reason to delay the inevitable. We can repair all type of Tablets.

Water Damage

Tablet dropped in water? A water damaged Tablet is not the end of the road for your device. A device damaged by water or liquid is our speciality and this service is for you. Even if your Tablet has no sign of life the chances are we can reverse the damage. This service includes the initial diagnostic and  cleaning of all parts inside the Tablet.  When we receive your water damaged Tablet we will identify which part/s have failed and inform you of the additional repair costs. Our success rate is over 90% on water damaged Devices.  In the event that we cannot repair your Phone or Tablet, we will return it to you with nothing more to pay.

hardware issues

We are a full service repair shop, specializing in component level repair not just replacing motherboard with huge cost. This means we offer services that most shops will not offer because of the difficulty level. A lot of repair shops will repair devices by replacing entire assemblies.

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